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A broad range of expert insights, industry trends, forecasts and hands-on knowledge on solar, wind, hydro energies.

State of Green 2021: China

Download our State of Green 2021 in China ebook for an in-depth status analysis of the renewables and photovoltaic energy sources.

Energy yield report: Budapest PV plant case study

Get the methodology used to compute the energy yield of the Airport photovoltaic plant case study and their results. The energy yield results were computed considering all the losses incurred up to and including the substation level. This report is part of the deliverables RatedPower’s pvDesign does for you.

State of Green: US

Get a comprenhensive overview on what's next in the renewable and solar industries in the US. Download the State of Green: US today!

Solar Snapshot: Netherlands

Learn the latest trends on PV and solar in Netherlands. Download our co-branded Solar Plaza Solar Snapshot today.

BV: pvDesign vs PVsyst energy yield comparison

Black & Veatch, a third-party consulting firm digs into RatedPower's pvDesign energy yield algorithms and compares them to PVsyst. This is what they found.

State of Green: Germany

Learn how Germany is leaving the fossil-nuclear energy age behind and making place for the renewable energy industry.

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